Laying the Foundations

Before you begin designing, coding or writing content you need to make yourself a drink, sit down with a pen and paper and write down why you want a website. Never have a website just so you have an online presence. Think about what your visitor wants from the website and take five minutes bullet pointing them.

Okay, now you’ve done that lets see how your bullet points can be categorised to form the type of site your visitors will be getting.

e-commerce (store)
Service Provider
You now need to think how your objective fits in with your business goals. What will these goals do for you? Can you clearly define these goals, measure them, are they realistic, relevant to your overall objective. Set deadlines for goals otherwise they’ll never get done.

Target the Market

View your market audience to help set your brand. Your brand will help you choose the domain name, style, tone of voice for your website.

Do your research on geographical, demographical and psychographic segmentation. Find out what is appealing and beneficial and what is going to make your site stand above all others compared to your competition. Try not to set out to please everyone, there will always be someone who wants to find fault.

You can achieve this by accessing census data, using questionnaires, forming a focus group or other forms of available market data.

You can use all this data to form an overview of what your target visitor will look like.


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