Do you remember MySpace?

New MySpaceIt was the social networking site launched in August 2003 and gained more and more popularity mainly in the US with 25 million unique users. Then in 2008 Facebook became the new social networking site and MySpace became a ghost town as users jumped ship to join the ever popular Facebook until finally MySpace disappeared and the name hardly ever mentioned in polite society.

Google + became another social networking site that has split the social networking community, offering structure to the chaos. There were those who have chosen to stay with Facebook for reasons that most scientist couldn’t fathom but probably has something to do with the fear of loosing their attained popularity and ego via extended friendships. By extended friendships I refer to the need for automatic friendship with people you will never meet, never hang out with and don’t really know how you got them as a friend in the first place, but you are too polite to not to tell them otherwise.

According to the Dunbar number (’s_number) you can’t sustain a friendship of more than 100 to 230 people.  Google + tries to get around this with Circles where you can ‘pigeon hole’ your friends, family, people …well lets say distant friends  into a more categorised way rather than sharing everything with everyone.

For those who  jumped to Google + it offers a more structured environment and some would say with more intelligent conversations which don’t consist of pokes, throwing sheep or what you ate and threw up last night. So it’s for the Geeks out there I hear you say. Well, I guess I would agree with you on that  and  the divide of personal preference is as wide as the Apple vs Android debate.  Most people will stay with what they know.

So it was a surprise to hear that MySpace hadn’t actually disappeared. It has always been there lurking in the ether.  So why has MySpace suddenly reared up to retake another slice of the social networking pie? Well, Justin Timberlake has bought it for one  and  it looks visually outstanding. Bringing together Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest like feeds.  Forming an amalgamation of sleek entertainment news back dropped by a heavy graphical design. It promises to bring fans even closer to the  stars and that alone makes it different from the rest. Albeit the stars may end up with some extended friends who they really don’t want in a hundred feet of them.

It may not offer what the other social networks sites do and we won’t know if  it will be as useful as Google +, as popular as Facebook or easy to use like Twitter but I can’t wait to find out.

New My Space


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