Long Hot Summer Night

There’s a deafening silence, the house is clean from toys that usually litter every room. The television is not left switched on blaring out the brainwashing garbage of the Disney channel  to a deserted room, which you feel you’ve switched off time and time again. You don’t have to mediate the spats between siblings who feel their turn was not quite long enough to relinquish the rule of the swing seat.

Making sure you don’t blow it by throwing your hands into the air, popping the champagne cork and peaking too soon at the revelation you are alone with your better half,  with a chance at re-capturing those early days of your relationship, uninterrupted by screaming children as they are packed off to the grandparents, you slowly and surely draw up your plans for a good time.

 “If not just for a moment to let your parental guise down and enjoy a moment”

Before I continue, don’t get me wrong. I love my children more than life itself but I think I could safely speak for every parent when I say that those moments they are with you are precious but the moments you’re not with them are just as special. If not just for a moment to let your parental guise down and enjoy a moment. Anyway, distance makes the heart grow fonder. By this calculation my kids should appreciate me more when they see me again, right?

After a leisurely morning having a breakfast together and taking our showers without kids bursting in and using the toilet, we head out holding hands soaking up every minute under a very rare heat wave in the UK.  Unashamed, we spent most of the day in a local pub;  the Old Stags Head  drinking Sunbeam beer and Rioja wine and eating a steak meal with over sized deserts of chocolate fudge cake.  Who cares…..this may not happen again for a while. We spent all day talking without interruptions of “Dad, can I have money for….”, “I need the toilet……”, “Can we go to the park now I’m bored” etc.   It was a moment to reconnect, reflect and enjoy each others company. A moment to blow away the cobwebs.

After my divorce Kate helped me bring up my two daughters Lucy and Ellie-Mae as if they were her own. My ex-wife plays no part in their up bringing. We also have a son, Reece who is full of energy 24-7.  Kate has stood by me through some very difficult times and she is wonderful , caring as well as beautiful.  I’m glad to say we are one of those couples who don’t try and escape each others company and our lives are truly entwined.  Okay, you’re starting to feel sickly I can tell, but I guess what I have is worth bragging about and it’s times alone together that make you realize what you have when you love someone.

My children return the next evening and things seemingly go back to the daily routine. My eldest grunts her pre-teenage acknowledgment as she slumps on the sofa and opens her laptop, I get jumped on by my two youngest who then instantly start fighting about who’s going to hug me first. I look at Kate and we both exchange a knowing glance that we have a happy life, if not a little chaotic most of the time and it’s our love for each other that holds us all together.

“Yes a long long long hot summer night 
As far as my eyes could see 
But I can ah feel the heat comin’ on as my baby’s gettin’ closer.”

Jimi Hendrix – Long hot summer night. 


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