The Big Ten

It was my daughter’s birthday this month , the BIG TEN. Double figures now and growing fast. Not surprisingly she wanted a tent of her own for her birthday.
Reminding me in a loud voice “It must be Pink dad!”. I cringed.
“Well, that might be difficult”  I said “…it’s out of season for camping , out of festival season and most tents aren’t pink”.  She looked disheartened.   “I’ll do what I can”. Well, Father’s will do anything for their daughters and I didn’t have to turn over many rocks to find the Gelert Quickpitch Compact 2 Tent.

I chose this tent as it is simple for her to pitch (pop up). It’s small but there’s enough room for her and one friend and it will free stand in my larger family tent when we go camping outside of the boundaries of my garden.This added security means I can sleep at night without keeping vigil with a cross-bow and a large bucket full of caffeine to protect us from all those pesky zombies…I mean walkers. [sigh].TV is rotting my brain.

The Walking Dead

Which is good enough reason for wanting to get out of the office and get some fresh air into my lungs and clear my head. So I had a craving to start preparing for next years excursion.

 “..inappropriate twerking with a Christmas bird….”

All I can say is if it wasn’t for YouTube where I can look at all things from hammocks, tarp configurations, knots to lighting fires; I would be doing some serious cold turkey right now (and I’m not talking about any inappropriate twerking with a Christmas bird called Miley). It’s so bad, I’ve collected some old tin cans to make my own poor man’s rocket  stove to save on my poor man’s wallet. Even teaching my daughter some useful camping knots and ending up with a series of bow lines, hanging lines and sliding knots using a door handle and a chair and pretty much anything in reach to the amusement of Kate.

Well, we  just have make sure we have mastered all the techniques but I’ll leave the twerking to the young ones…I’ll stick with my 80’s erotica-robotica!



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