Karma has dealt me a hard hand

Trouble comes in threes they say. Well, I’ve had more than my fair share of late.

Since November 2013:

  • TV went bang
  • Car lost power and needed extensive work
  • Washing machine broke down
  • All Lights bulbs in my house went pop
  • Boiler packed up
  • Car needed new brakes and tyres
  • Boss told me first day back after Christmas “Happy new year!, I can no longer afford to pay you”.
  • Kate had her work hours cut.

The one way to look at it,  is if things are hitting a low you can only move  on and up…. I hope.

Cutting monthly expenses and keeping a very British stiff upper lip has been the norm since then.  I’m still doing deals and still pulling in some money for now. My belt has been tightened that much, it looks like I’ve had a gastric band fitted. So Karma has dealt me a hard hand but why do I feel stress free and optimistic ?

“Some sort of Zen belief system”

Well, I think I have come to a realisation or maybe a sort of enlightenment. At first I felt a tight choking and panic of losing my freedom to buy,  consume at a whim. A fear of losing what I had hoarded over the years,  but once I put everything in perspective and let go of materialism I realised I didn’t need a lot in my daily life to…well, be happy and content. I can say hand on heart that as soon as I came to terms with this conclusion and blocked out the pressures from the daily bombardment of marketeers I actually felt great. I mean I felt really great.  All I need is food, water, heat, shelter and family. That’s all anyone needs. Everything else is a bonus and we shouldn’t attach ourselves to it. I believe this is a concept of Buddhism or some sort of Zen belief system. I haven’t discovered anything new but I recommend you try to put life into this perspective.

“Be like water my friend”

Life should never be stagnant as nothing lasts forever. I put my life into eras of being. Let me explain that a bit more. I have had different careers and different jobs. With each you meet new people and you may never see people you once knew ever again. Some feel their job is who they are. Each one  an era. When I divorced, met Kate and when each of my children were born a new era in my life began. The parameters of my life had changed and therefore the structure of my life had to change. Each era begins with new opportunities or challenges and this in turn changes your lifestyle whether you like it or not. When our lives change dramatically we adjust and a new era begins along with a new set of rules to live by. An opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We become unstuck if we live our lives rigid and try to resist change. “Be like water my friend”  The late Bruce Lee once said. He was right. You have to be fluid in your daily life. By being fluid we discover, create and learn more about each other and the World around us. We may even get along better?

What’s my point? Don’t let stress or worry about what is of no importance take over your life. If it’s time for your life to change, make it better than the one you had before. Every obstacle is a potential opportunity to make your life better.

So, let me end this by rewriting my list.

  1. Inconveniences are nothing more than that.
  2. Get on with living your life and be like water my friend.




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