Taking care of a Tear

Eurohike Deluxe
Eurohike Deluxe

This years camping trips began with the equipment check. Strewn across my garden covered with a tarp I checked my itinerary list against the mountain of gear. What we needed, what we didn’t and what we would abandon. A continual tweaking of the list as not all trips require the same equipment. As this year we had no electrical hookup we didn’t require any cables or heaters.

One of the items that caught my eye was the Eurohike Deluxe 3 man tent which I purchased many moons ago as a package deal to see if I actually liked camping. I used it once and as I recall the camping bug immediately made me upgrade to the Outwell Nebraska XXL.

I never sold the Eurohike as I always thought I might use it to go camping on my own but with a family who love camping, the larger Outwell was always the option. Instead we’ve used it as a play and sleep over tent for my children.  I’m not sure what the hydrostatic level is but it has never leaked or suffered with condensation but then again it hasn’t really been used to its full extent.

McNETT Silnet Silicone Seam Sealant
McNETT Silnet Silicone Seam Sealant

Since the last pitch, the tent has suffered a mysterious tear in the front of the fly in a perfect vertical line.  There are different ways to repair a tear in a tent.  Tenacious tape or silicone seam sealant.  Each priced  around  £7.95 (eBay or Amazon).  You can use this to waterproof rucksacks, shoes, tent seam/tears as well as other outdoor products. I’ve never repaired a tent so this is a first. It looks easy enough and there are plenty of tutorials on the subject but I thought I would share the process with you.



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