Out of Darkness Cometh Light

Today, Kate and I attended a school assembly. Usually these are for awarding the children for different accomplishments for Maths, English, behaviour to attendance.  We’ve been to these many times over the years (sounding too braggadocio) but this time it was for a competition for designing a Christmas card. Companies in the city sponsor one card and the local newspaper presents them for people to vote on.  My son (8 last month) had entered this competition several months ago and if I’m honest it had faded in our memory with all the Birthdays and Christmas organising we’ve been doing the last two months.

As Kate now works at the school she had the call to the headteacher’s office yesterday and informed that Reece had won but we were sworn to secrecy. Today we sat in the assembly, the newspaper reporters were there, the owner of the  company who sponsored Reece’s design (better mention it: Hillmans Dental Practice, Codsall) was there and after a long address to the children and with growing suspense they announced Reece had won.

His little face lit up, smile from ear to ear and he proudly stood in front of the school to accept his prize. Twenty printed cards with his design, a framed copy of his design and a £50 voucher for the school.   Kate and I were grinning and clapping our hands so much we must have looked a little deranged.  The design was….well you can see below but to make it clearer for you the image in the centre is of the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football club motif of a wolf’s head with the Wolverhampton motto “Out of darkness cometh light”.  So as I’m so overly proud of my son, (as all parents are), I said I would put it on the blog for all to see.  I guess the last thing for me to say is for all those who celebrate Christmas, “Merry Christmas!” and for those who don’t “I wish you all the good fortune and peace in the new year!”

Out of darkness cometh light


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