Faith & Hope

It’s February 18th 2015 and I realise I haven’t posted for a while.

Well, Christmas 2014, my black cat, Howard passed away at 18 years old. He was my companion. He was always sitting on my shoulder like a parrot or around my neck and followed me everywhere. We were devastated by his very sudden death. Howard had a heart attack and dropped instantly to the floor. It has left a massive empty space in our lives and we miss the sound of his paws running up and down the stairs , falling off the arm of the chair mid sleep and sitting at my desk while I worked. I could list many things that he did that made us smile. It was only last week we decided that even though we couldn’t replace him we wanted to give homes to another rescue cat.

RIP Howard black cat
RIP Howard


Surprisingly, black cats don’t get homes as much as other cats just because they are black. It’s to do with the European stigma of black cats being unlucky, probably from folk law of being a Witches familiar. I’ve also heard that because they are not photogenic for “selfies” they are often overlooked .

“The oldest prejudices are born from ignorance”


Scottish, Japanese and Celtic folk law however, deem the black cat as very lucky and the black cat is strongly connected to the Egyptian God Bastet (A cat-goddess associated with the production of vegetation. Normally depicted with the head of a cat and holding a sistrum and a basket). Sailors prefer a ships cat to be black as it is also seen as lucky and sailors wives would keep black cats to help protect the return of their husbands from their voyages.

The satanic connection with the black cat brought about by the church is still to blame for this prejudice and led to cull of many black cats in Europe (although there is no evidence of this happening in England), burning them on midsummer fires. In fact the sale of black cats in some countries is still restricted on Halloween in fear they would be tortured or used as living Halloween themes.

It’s strange how these superstitions are in bred into us and passed on still to this day. I guess in today’s world even the oldest prejudices are born from ignorance and live on.

I’m going off track anyway. Today, two black female cats at 24 and 25 weeks old will be living in what the rescue term as their “forever home”. They will be arriving at 1300 hours today and I’m very excited as I’m a sucker for cats. We will be naming them Faith and Hope. As I guess that’s all we need in today’s society along with a little love.

Hope & Faith black cats
Hope & Faith

2 thoughts on “Faith & Hope

  1. Wiley Coyote February 19, 2015 / 17:03

    Sorry for your loss. Those 2 kittens will have a great forever home. I always miss my cat Toby who I had for 14 years. I have since rescued 2 more. I love them so much. Good luck 🙂

    • Charles Cooper February 19, 2015 / 17:44

      Hi Wiley Coyote,

      Thanks for your comment and taking time to read my post.

      Hope and Faith are still settling in and even though there were signs of exploration this morning, they still refuse to come out of hiding from under my sofa. I guess it’s a waiting game. Any tips to coax them out is greatly appreciated.


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