Going The Extra Mile

18.1 mile

Looking out of my window, trees are bending in 25 mph winds, rain cascading down my window of my conservatory and the last few days I’ve felt restless. I’ve been doing my 10 mile hike when I can with my daughter Ellie-Mae and on other occasions with Kate. But 10 miles isn’t enough. I want to go further.

I’m using a mobile app called ViewRanger, which is a GPS off-road route planner for hikers and cyclists. After plotting my usual hike I spotted a way to extend it by a further 8 miles. So now not only can  I can have a hike through fields, hillsides, woods, disused railway lines, I can also include canals.

I showed this route to Ellie-Mae, and she wanted to attempt it, although I’m worried it may-be a stretch for her . So I’ve allowed for some exit points off the route.

” ..heavy rain laden clouds covering all the vistas while chilling us with blustery cold winds”.

She would like to travel up to the Lake District, Cumbria and try some of the trails. (I think she has been secretly reading my Trail magazines). The walks we do are very easy compared to the lake trails. We would need to get more practice but there was no reason she couldn’t do it.

Skiddaw, Skiddaw Little Man and Lonscale Fell
Skiddaw, Skiddaw Little Man and Lonscale Fell

I  found a trail up Skiddaw, Skiddaw Little Man and Lonscale Fell. It’s roughly 8.65 miles (13.93km) with the highest point 931 meters and an overall assent of 1049 metes  (3441 ft). As soon as Ellie-Mae saw it she wanted to go. I think this will be a good experience for her but for now it’s getting in as much practice as possible and getting her the right gear.

I’m also reminded while looking out of my window, that the weather might be cloudless blue skies one minute and heavy rain laden clouds covering all the vistas while chilling us with blustery cold winds the next. Maybe even snow. (You never know in the lake district as it has its own micro-climate). So my practice hikes will need to be done in adverse weather as well as in perfect conditions to prepare us for the elements.

I believe if Ellie-Mae does the Skiddaw hike and witness the amazing vistas, her perspective on the world will change. It will be an accomplishment she wont forget and hopefully will drive her to push herself positively and to accomplish even more. Maybe she will go on higher and longer hikes, maybe this will be the only time but her memories on the top of Skiddaw will be ever with her.



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