From the moment Kate announced she was pregnant I’ve been rushing around decorating, cleaning, buying in baby supplies and repairing my car. This as well as two of my children’s birthday’s and Christmas to contend with. You see, there is a thing called nesting that women go through when they fall pregnant. They clean, tidy and replace items in preparation of the new arrival. Kate’s nesting was to replace two-thirds of the house. Let me re-phrase that. Kate’s nesting was for me to replace two-thirds of the house however, I’m sure this was more an excuse to get new furniture.

Over Christmas and after I had already completed decorating three rooms, Kate and I were sleeping on an airbed as I had gutted our bedroom to decorate and furnish it.  Christmas was alcohol free as was New Years as I refused any urge to partake a tipple of the golden amber in solidarity to Kate’s abstinence. The day before Kate was due to give birth I had just finished having new carpets installed, and the bedroom suite delivered. The living room furniture was still on order. I was exhausted and wouldn’t have completed the bedroom if I hadn’t recruited my father, father-in-law and my daughter Ellie-Mae to chip in with the work.


On the 16th January we went into the delivery room at the Hospital and went through an amazing birth experience. It’s something that is hard to describe as each birth experience brings its own unique and very personal memory. My son, George Daniel was born at 10:26 am and what a little ray of sunshine he is!

It’s been 10 years since my son Reece was born and some things you remember and some things you need to be reminded about on how to look after a baby. The do’s and don’ts have changed in ten years. It’s like we are new parents all over again but it’s a joy to relive this experience with my other three children who adore George dearly.

I now have a family of two girls and two boys. Now that is perfect!






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