Who Am I?

I’m a proud parent of  four children, which takes up most of my time. I enjoy camping and hiking whenever I get a spare moment (not very often) and taking what I think are “okay” photos on my old mobile phone (edit: as of November 2017 now on a Galaxy Note 8 or my Canon 80D DSLR) to capture precious life moments with my family (which seem to pass by in the blink of an eye) and of the outdoors.

As I work from home, I started blogging just to fill in some gaps in my day but then as a means to keep creative juices flowing. It was also part of a process of separating who I am from what I do. As in most cases when asked “who are you”?, I described my job. That isn’t who I am. Blogging is a way of reminding yourself that unless of course, you blog about work.

You may find I don’t blog regularly  but I’m working on that. My blogs may be random but I’m doing this just to share some thoughts with anybody or nobody. I like a “LIKE” or a “FOLLOW” but that’s not why I do it. If you want to comment on anything I write or share something with me or would just like to chat then please do.

It can be cathartic to blog so why not try it yourself?

What I Do

I’m a professional C#/SQL Developer based in the West Midlands, UK. I have experience in developing winforms,  websites, intranets, website applications, intranet applications conforming to W3C standards.  Using an Agile Scrum methodology with varied developing tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft Expressions, Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft SQL 2000, 2005, 2008 while utilising TSQL, VBScript, Javascript, C#, XML, CSS, XHTML languages to create functional sites.

With other experiences in consultations (internationally as well as uk), SEO, analytical tracking, research, project planning, scope creation, templates, design, development through to deployment and support I can offer a great range of knowledge to any project.


Charlie was an excellent resource to have working on the HR eForms project. Without Charlie’s help, assistance and guidance we wouldn’t be in the position we are today – ready to go-live with a product that is a vast improvement on where we started. Charlie was always ready to point us in the right direction and wasn’t afraid to voice his opinions. Based on the HR eForms project I look forward to working with Charlie on any future projects.

Bronya Jeffryes Senior Systems Analyst
Group IT – Tarmac Limited
Tel: 01902 382204
Mobile: 07834145150
e-mail: bronya.jeffryes@tarmac.co.uk

Charlie – Thank you for all your hard work on the iLearn project. Please find some feedback below:

With the iLearn project the business were keen to push the boundaries of what had come before: introducing richer media such as videos and Flash animations as a permanent addition for the first time on the Tarmac Intranet.

Charlie judged the fine line between being supportive and challenging well: trying hard to make the business’s vision for the project a reality, whilst offering the considered control that is required as a responsible service provider.

Charlie established a publishing process that incorporated quality control and risk assessment to minimise potential impact on the network, whilst enabling the business to control the creation and update of content locally.

With Charlie’s help, iLearn has been well received by the business at large, and is currently enjoying high-profile publicity from Terry Last.

Rob Hodges
Lead Project Manager
Group It- Tarmac Ltd
Tel: 01902 382643
e-mail: Rob.Hodges@tarmac.co.uk

Charlie is very customer focussed and helpful. The work completed on HR eForms was excellent and his work will help the business considerably. Charlie has a great knowledge in his field and explains how the technology works at the right level – not going into the details too much or blinding you with science but keeping the information at a level that is understandable for the user who doesn’t have the knowledge. Charlie looks into the various options and comes up with suggestions to meet customer needs and that improve on what the customer requires.

Joanne Hammond
HR and Training Services Team Leader
Tarmac Quarry Materials
Millfields Road, Ettingshall, Wolverhampton, WV4 6JP
Phone: 01902 382268
Fax: 01902 382719
E-mail: joanne.hammond@tarmac.co.uk

I have worked with Charlie Cooper at Tarmac on an e-learning project called i-Learn.

i-Learn was a construction industry first in bringing bulk construction learning to the industry.

Charlie was enthusiastic in realising this vision and was key to helping overcome a number of technical barriers.

The first major road block to this project was the desire to have video content available for our employees. Video was considered a major issue with our current network capacity. However with Charlie’s assistance we conducted some tests at one of our busiest offices and devised a set of rules for video that would not put any major load on our network.

Charlie produced a number of cascading style sheet templates that allowed me to simply add the content and build the project from the bare bones. This made the development of the project a quick and easy one.

Another major road block was the decision to make this project W3C accessibility compliant. Initially this caused the project to be started from scratch and huge delays. However Charlie worked hard to produce a new template and guided myself in making sure all content would meet the W3C guidelines.

i-Learn has proved a major success in Tarmac and is quickly becoming vital in our employees day-to-day work. Charlie has been a major asset to this project and has provided invaluable assistance in its development and produced a number of improvements to its functionality.

As project leader I doubt very much that we could have rolled out such a major project in Tarmac without the enthusiastic and down to earth assistance of Charlie.

Anthony Elgey
Technical Development Officer
Tarmac Ltd
Tel: 01777 71 3685
E-mail: Anthony.Elgey@tarmac.co.uk

After the close of our latest project, I would like to show my appreciation to Charlie by writing a testimonial.

With a wide variety of skills and technical abilities Charlie has been a valuable asset to our project. Willing to help with not only the coding and creation of the applications, but also with the initial drafts, process flow and liaising with the clients. Charlie’s designs and layout ideas are very good, thought out and often user centric, this is rare to find in a ‘techie’.

Flexibility and a willing to work with teams both large and small as well as technical or not has been a great advantage.

I look forward to working with Charlie again on many more projects.

Adam Porello
Web Developer for Tarmac Limited
t: 01902 38 2414
m: 07764 337 248
e: adam.porello@tarmac.co.uk
w: http://www.tarmac.co.uk

I’ve worked with Charlie ever since I worked on the helpdesk in 1999, where he worked on a different helpdesk supporting the head office function. His phone manner was excellent and many people would ask for him specifically. He moved into the Desktop support department and transformed the ordering and warehouse process for IT hardware. Still working for Tarmac, he then took up a position as a web developer where he learnt his trade from the ground up, learning programming languages himself. One of the many tools he developed which my department used was the new starter multiforms system which we’ve been using for 6 years and auditors have commended it as an effective electronic process for capturing new AD accounts, email, SAP, remote access and internet.

Philip Evans, Service Performance Manager, Tarmac Ltd
Worked with Charlie at Tarmac Ltd

Charlie’s experience and knowledge was valuable when generating ideas for online development. Charlie’s solutions for online measurement proved to be a key step to progress our analytical tracking and consequently our learnings on visitor activity. Charlie’s good people skills ensured a good working relationship and vital support for the web team.

Ravi Gandwan, Web Marketing Officer, Tarmac Ltd
Worked with Charlie at Tarmac Ltd

Charlie’s work was always of high quality and often exceeded expectations.

Phil Sabin, Business Director – Major Projects, Tarmac Ltd
Managed Charlie indirectly at Tarmac Ltd

I worked with Charlie for about 8 years when i joined tarmac. Charlie is a hard working ICT professional who always delivers and is outcome (rather than process) focussed. This means that Charlie thinks outside of the box and is constantly looking for new and more efficient solutions and service improvements, this approach and ethos means that Charlie is popular with colleagues and customers alike. I unreservedly recommend Charlie to any future employer”

Lee Cooper, Business Systems Engineer, Hewlett Packard CDS
Worked directly with Charlie at Tarmac Ltd


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