APEMAN 4K Ultra HD Action Camera

I recently purchased the APEMAN 4k Ultra HD Action Camera to use while hiking but thought I would test it out as a dash cam first. The quality doesn’t reflect well in this video due to the restriction on my editing software but I assure you it is very good.

The Apeman comes in a semi hard case with all the attachments you need to attach to a trekking pole, bag, dashboard etc with Velcro, sticky pads, clips and brackets. It comes with different cases which can attach to tripods including a waterproof case if you like to film underwater. It comes with two batteries lasting around 60 minutes each if you use the 4k Ultra HD or 120 minutes each on 1080p.

The downside to this camera is the audio quality. It’s not great but if you are like me this wont deter you too much as I intend to use it with a music score. The Apeman so far proves to capture great images with its  170 degree wide-angle lens. You can use the WiFi to control it from your mobile as well.

It retails at £160.00 but currently reduced to £80 on Amazon. Lucky me, I had a £50 voucher from the Three store to reduce the price further. Apart from sound it is a good option if you don’t want to shell out for a Go Pro Hero.

I thought it would be a great share if anyone is looking for an affordable action camera without the cost of a Go Pro Hero.