New Gear!

I was bought a new tarp by DD Hammocks (3x3m) back in February this year and I have just had chance to set it up. I chose two configurations. However, even though I have many trees in my garden, none were suitable to hang a ridge line correctly. In fact, I had to use my conservatory window as one anchor point so I couldn’t put too much torque on the ridge line. Never mind, I wanted to see how easy it was to set up and thought I would share it with you.(10 pegs, two walking poles and a ridge line were used and pitching took around 5 minutes).


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I’ve also had a Thermarest Ridgerest SOLite and self inflating air bed; the Alpkit Airo 180 (, which I haven’t field tested yet but I could still feel a lot of reflected body heat while lying on them in my front room.

Finally, in my last post I touched on the large purchase of my new backpack; the Osprey Atmos AG65 (, featuring the Anti-gravity suspension. Which helps lift the weight of the pack away from your back. I’ve only tested it out once on a 10 mile hike and I only had issues with my Osprey 3L reservoir bladder (separate purchase). The water kept running back up the tube and back into the bladder, leaving the tube empty. An annoyance at the time but I think it was my issue rather than the Osprey bladder. Further testing is needed!

With any luck, I will get to use this new gear  in Wales and the Lake District this year. I already have maps for Snowdon National Park and the English Lakes and some hikes picked out. Just comes down to a positive mental attitude to get up and go!